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Blemished Skin: Congested and Upset

Blemished skin is characterized by:

· Skin is prone to getting chronic pustules

· Blackheads are a common problem
Whiteheads are a common problem

· Skin has some scarring

Blemished skin is most common during the teenage years. It is not uncommon, however, to find this condition in adults as well. Teenage skin is prone to blemishes because of the increase in hormone production. This influx of hormones stimulates the oil glands. If the oil flows freely from the pores, blemishes will not develop and the skin will simply be an oily skin type. This overproduction of oil, however, often combines with a build-up of dead skin cells and causes clogging in the pores. As pressure builds, leakage into the surrounding tissue occurs. Bacteria flourish in the clogged pore and the surrounding inflamed tissue. This results in an infection and a blemish.

Adult blemishes are usually attributed to factors such as diet, stress, cosmetics and environmental conditions such as air pollution. They can also be the result of illness, poor systemic elimination, disrupted intestinal flora, hereditary influences and hidden food allergies.

For Blemished Skin, Natural Approach recommends:
Combination/Oily Cleansing Wash
Skin Preparation
Combination/Oily Light Moisturizer
Skin Replenishing Complex (Only for adults)
Face and Body Exfoliant
Vitamin E/ Essential Treatment Oil