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Aging Skin: Inactive

Aging is a characteristic that may be combined with any of the other skin types. For example: aging/sensitive skin or aging/blemished skin. It may also simply be mature skin. When an aging condition is present, it may be appropriate for the age of the individual, or it may be premature. Appropriate aging is from the passage of time and the slowing down of glandular functions in the skin and its ability to rejuvenate. Premature aging is the result of overexposure to the sun (the No. 1 cause), smoking, improper skin care, mistreatment, poor lifestyle habits or health problems.

Visible signs of aging begin developing by the age of 30 when cellular turnover starts to slow down. By age 40, the pigment cells and immune cells in the skin decrease, making skin more prone to sun damage. At age 50, the oil glands significantly slow down. This decrease in oil production causes dryness, especially in cold, dry or wintry climates. As time goes by, these accumulating characteristics continue, creating lines and wrinkles, dryness, roughness, poor elasticity and sagging, all common signs of aging skin. The characteristics of aging skin are:

· Skin looks dull and less vibrant

· Laugh lines and fine furrows begin to show

· Sagging due to weakened elasticity

· Expression lines deepen. Discoloration or age spots are common

For Aging Skin, Natural Approach recommends:
Anti-Aging Serum
Eye Revive
Performance Cream
Facial Lifting Masque and Serum
Vitamin E Oil
Face and Body Exfoliant
Advanced Protection SPF 30