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Dry Skin: Underactive

Dry skin has a lack of oil, a lack of water, or both. Skin that is lacking in oil is simply dry skin. Skin that is lacking in water is dehydrated skin. Dry skin can be seen in people of all ages. Women tend to have drier skin than men and fair-skinned people have dry skin more often than dark-skinned people.

For the younger woman, simple dry skin has the advantages of a fine texture and clear complexion. But as that woman ages, her skin will develop fine lines and wrinkles sooner than other skin types.

Many people think they have dry skin when they actually have a superficial dry condition. Superficial dryness is caused by the environment: sun, sea air, wind or pollutants. It is also caused by improper skin care habits such as using soap as a cleanser or not using a moisturizer for protection. A well-designed skin care program that eliminated the causes of superficial dryness also eliminates the symptoms, so skin’s moisture content can be restored.

The following characteristics define dry skin:

Skin is thin and the pores are barely visible. It is probably lacking in oil (but possibly water

as well).

Skin is thick with visible pores but has the characteristics of dry skin. It is probably only

lacking water.

Dry skin can feel tight and may have visible flaking, thus lacking water.

Skin is often delicate, easily irritated and usually sensitive to cold weather.

Dry skin has a matte finish with no sheen and can have a rough feel to it.

For Dry or Underactive Skin, Natural Approach recommends our Advanced Nutrient System this includes:
Dry/Normal Cleanser
Skin Preparation
Enriched Moisturizing Protectant
Anti-Aging Serum
Skin Replenishing Complex

Other Products we recommend for Dry or Underactive skin:
Night Renew - Highly recommended for use every night with the Advanced Nutrient System.
Eye Revive
Performance Cream
Facial Lifting Masque and Serum
Vitamin E Oil
Face and Body Exfoliant
Advanced Protection SPF 30