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Normal Skin: Balanced

Achieving normal skin is the goal of every skin care program. Yet, the only truly normal skin may be a child’s, when the skin is soft, taut, and resilient and free of wrinkles or blemishes. After childhood, the skin goes through many stages and changes significantly.

For “skin typing” purposes, normal skin indicates the water and oil glands of the face are producing just the right amount to hydrate and protect the skin.

The following characteristics define normal skin:

· Skin appears to be moist, plump and dewy.

· Pores are small to medium in size.

· Skin has few or no blemishes.

· Skin is not sun-damaged.

· Skin is of medium thickness and has an even tone.

· Skin is soft, smooth and firm with good elasticity.

· Skin may have some oiliness in the T- zone (the forehead, nose and chin), but unless the oil

is excessive, the skin is still considered normal.

For Normal Skin, Natural Approach recommends our Advanced Nutrient System this includes:
Dry/Normal Cleanser
Skin Preparation
Enriched Moisturizing Protectant
Anti-Aging Serum
Skin Replenishing Complex

Other Products we recommend for Normal skin:
Skin Renew (For Normal to Oily Skin)
Night Renew - Highly recommended for use every night with the Advanced Nutrient System.
Eye Revive
Performance Cream
Facial Lifting Masque and Serum
Vitamin E Oil
Face and Body Exfoliant
Advanced Protection SPF 30